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Hi and welcome to my shop!

 “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Picasso

My name is Emily.

I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I have worked in the creative industry specializing in publishing before moving into more creative and exciting field - Canvas Giclee Print.
I discovered this style of art about a year ago and I love it.
 I started drawing when I was a kid and the design and photography turned into my passion and lately into my profession.

I had been drawn to various art forms since childhood and my formative years were spent studying classical music and ballet dancing, drawing and photography. I can say art it is something that is living inside of me.

 My inspirations come from nature and a deep place of spirituality. I must be surrounded by beautiful objects, vibrant colors and imaginative landscapes.
I believe that various shades of color and interactions between different hues produce emotional responses and have the power to heal, to calm, to energize, and to inspire. No wonder that my love of beauty and art led me to a creative profession.

After several years of work in the field of design, I was been inspired by working with interior designers and I really felt in love creating the perfect artwork for a given space in the house, office, restaurant or hotels. This is amazing how you can turn simple place into a stylish design and you can see this transformation by your work bringing art to the people life. I like to create that beauty and transform it into paintings and shapes, and bring pleasure for those who look at them.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and this is no different.

Design had always been a passion of mine so when a friend introduced me to this beautiful design of art like a Canvas Print it was love at first sight.

  We have since developed our hobby into a full growing business with a growing line of. We are proud to have created our project...We source and handcraft our products right here in our ArtEsty Studio growing up successful brand.

 I hope that the art I am creating in my shop will take you to a beautiful place and will bring coziness and loveliness in your home.

I would like to share these discoveries with my audience.

I feel every Home should have Art. I hope in my shop you will find your special piece for your soul. A lot of love and care goes into by me to every piece here.

So, I and my friends decided to start our own business, our shop.

Now I am a wife and mom of two kids. Our whole family work and create in this business. My husband quit his day job in the corporate world and now works with me and our team of Designers and Gurus full time! Our kids even help us too! I am happy that we can draw them to art. I love that we have the opportunity to show them what the looks like and how if they work hard it can truly pay off! 

I even could say that for me, this does not feel like a business. Canvas Print it is a product of my passion for art and design, along with providing a valuable service to my direct and extended community.

Helping my customers in home designing with a beautiful canvas art I help them to add beauty and color to their home, preserve and cherish their special memories. Canvas prints are really great way to design your wall. They are durable, easy to care for, and incredibly beautiful.

 It is a huge part of why I do what I do, it makes the whole process worthwhile to me. It brings forth my sentimental side when I know how meaningful the piece will be to someone.

My work allows me to be generous towards others and I love that I am able to help bringing people’s imagery to life. Knowing that I am producing a quality product and offering genuine and honest customer service, makes me happy to do what I do.

We have extensive experience working with professionals in the fields of interior design, property development, advertising, and marketing. We have produced quality canvas prints to fill entire office buildings, shop fit outs, and large apartment spaces. We can help transform any space into a stylish, modern, and sophisticated environment.

 We make high quality canvas prints, which are suitable for decorating the interior of your home, office or business. You can request almost every size you could think of, from very small to extra large.

Our prints are printed on natural canvas using high quality ink, carefully hand stretched on wood panels 1.5 (3cm) Inch thick and packaged before they are shipped.

We offer the highest quality premium gallery wrap canvas prints that will bring your inspiration to life. Every canvas created at our factory is been built to be used for professional photo printing. Our manufacturing standards ensure flawless reproduction quality, without using any potentially harmful compounds. Our canvas prints are produced without the use of solvents, making them completely safe for children and people suffering from allergies.


I identify my art on the modern and contemporary side and that is why I have a lot of abstract expressionism artworks in my shop.

Our business always growing, we always keep abreast on the path to modernity.

I am happy that I can do what I like and what I love.